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Getting MATCHA Down to a Tea...

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Ever wondered why people rave about this interesting looking green drink that is all over your Instagram feed? Well, it’s not just your average cup of tea, it is a powerful superfood full of amazing benefits that can better improve your health and wellbeing and will be sure to keep you going throughout the day.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea that comes in the form of a powder. It is made by taking green tea leaves and finely grounding them into a powder that can be dissolved in hot water. Compared to regular green tea, the powder give it a creamy consistency and allows for optimal consumption of the tea leaves.

Why is Matcha Good for You?

There are several benefits to incorporating matcha into your daily routine which stem primarily from the fact that it is a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that can fight against stress in the body. When our bodies experience abnormal disturbances such as inflammation, it results in the production of tiny molecules called free radicals. These molecules attack our cells causing more stress in the body and overtime can lead cell death and destruction. Antioxidants work against free radicals by neutralizing them. Their actions help the body get back to a normal state of function by reducing stress and inflammation.

Want to learn more about antioxidants? Check out my cookbook BRAIN FOOD to learn more about how they can impact your mind and body and simple ways to incorporate them into your diet.

Have IBS? Matcha will be your best friend

To be honest, I never liked matcha until I did my research and found a type and flavour profile that I liked which took time and patience. It wasn’t until I couldn’t drink coffee anymore as a result of my severe IBS and colitis that I started to drink matcha as an alternative source of caffeine. I first started off by drinking just regular green tea but noticed that it didn’t give me the same amount of energy or boost I used to get from my morning cup of coffee. Once I started drinking matcha I noticed a huge improvement in my energy throughout the day without experiencing the anxiety and jitters I used to get from drinking black coffee. I have also found that after several months of drinking it daily, it has helped reduce inflammation in my body and improved my digestion.

Tips and Tricks to Enjoying Matcha

Matcha is an acquired taste that does take some time getting used to however, by using these simple tips and tricks, you will slowly start to appreciate its flavour and the experience of incorporating it into your every day routine.

1. Ceremonial grade is a MUST.

One of the very first things I figured out about matcha is that there are two types you can purchase: ceremonial grade and culinary grade. Ceremonial grade is better suited for drinking while culinary grade is meant to be used for baking and cooking. When I switched to ceremonial grade I immediately noticed a difference in the smoothness of the tea and overall quality.

2. Add a pinch of salt!

Okay this one might seem a little strange but adding a tiny pinch of salt can go a long way in improving your matcha! I find it takes away the bitterness and balances out the flavours. Add it right with your matcha powder and you’ll be sure to taste a difference.

3. Sweeten with Maple syrup.

Personally, I do not like my matcha sweet however I do find it needs a little something to make it more flavourful. I like to use natural sweeteners and stay away from processed or refined sugars. For the longest time I used honey however I found it took away from the matcha flavourful and it wasn’t until a used maple syrup that I really started to enjoy it. All you need is to add a little bit to your frothed milk and it completes the flavour profile of the drink.

4. Don’t use boiling hot water.

Using boiling water to whisk your matcha can ruin its flavour and make it more bitter. Depending on the brand of match you are using, there are different recommendations that can for the most of the time be found on the container. Using hot water that isn’t boiling can significantly improve the overall flavour of the drink.

My Favourite Matcha Brands!

Good matcha can be quite expensive however, after some trial and error I have found two brands that are not only affordable but taste amazing. These three are my go-to and are easily accessible.


The BEST Matcha Recipe

After months of experimenting, I can finally say that I have perfected my matcha recipe. It is simple, light and can be customized to your own preferences!


1 tsp matcha powder

¼ cup hot water + 1/3 cup cold water

Pinch of sea salt

Handful of ice

1/4 cup Oat milk

Splash of vanilla extract

Maple syrup to taste

Dash of cinnamon


1. In a mug add the matcha powder and hot water. Whisk with a matcha whisk or a handheld milk frother until all the powder is dissolved and well blended.

2. Add the cold water and a pinch of sea salt and stir until combined. Then add a handful of ice and set aside.

3. In a separate glass add the oat milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Whisk using a handheld frother until the milk is foamy and creamy.

4. Pour the foamed milk over the matcha. Stir and serve immediately.

Note. For a hot version, use hot water instead of the cold water, no ice and heat the milk before frothing.


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