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balanced factor.

Helping you understand the complexities of human health and well-being.


Balanced factor brings you a unique approach to all things health and wellness. Together we dive into the science and knowledge behind all the factors of life — all while keeping an open mind and authentic attitude!



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meet emily!

Translational researcher, mental health advocate, podcast host, and cook in the kitchen whose goal is to help you overcome life's challenges and be your true authentic self...

the balanced factor podcast

From mental health, food and nutrition, and relationships to exercise and routine, Emily sits down to have open conversations about all of life's challenges.


Listen to interviews with experts, authors, influencers and leaders in the health and wellness industry to make the shift in your health and personal development. 

brain food: the science of eating for brain power made simple

An educational cookbook based on scientific research on how to optimize your diet to improve your brain health as you age.

Learn how your diet plays a large role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases and simple ways you can regenerate your brain through the consumption of powerful nutrients. 

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